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The region's only Fear Free Certified and AKC S.A.F.E. Certified groomers.

Diva Dog Grooming is located at

2709 Piedmont Ave in Duluth, MN

For appointment reservations, 

call (218) 590-9997

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Diva Dog

A "Cut" Above

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High Quality Pet Styling

Our trained and experienced pet stylists will work with you and your pet to provide a high quality, beautiful haircut and styling. 
We are continually learning and growing our craft, ensuring your pet gets the latest styles, products, and services.

Quick Personal Appointment Service

Each stylist at Diva Dog handles one pet (or family of pets) at a time. This means that we can perform services quicker while providing your pet with our undivided attention. 

Most dogs can have their appointment completed in 1-2 hours.

Your pet won't sit in a cage or kennel waiting for their turn. 

Compassionate Care

Pets are family, and deserve kind, compassionate care. We believe that working with animals, rather than against them, creates a safer and more pleasant experience for pets, their people, and our staff.

The Diva Dog staff is well versed in animal behavior, gentle handling techniques, and positive reinforcement training. We recognize that many pets who have difficulties with grooming are experiencing underlying problems such as fear, anxiety, or physical limitations. We will work with you and your pet to identify any issues related to grooming, and work on creating a grooming schedule and/or training plan that helps you and your pet.

Additionally, we are Fear Free Certified and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics:

  • We do NOT use muzzles.  

  • Mid-section slings, or full body hammocks are utilized only when absolutely necessary (such as to steady a dog with poor balance) and only with client approval.

  • No animal will be forced through any aspect of the grooming process.

  • We place Humanity over Vanity, and will not perform any grooming services that we feel are detrimental to the animal's physical or mental well-being. 

Safety and Health a Top Priority

Diva Dog is one of the few groomers in the area that is certified "AKC S.A.F.E." by the American Kennel Club.
We are committed to maintaining top notch health, safety, and hygiene protocols, going above and beyond industry standards.

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