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At Diva Dog we believe that every pet has the right to a calm, comfortable, and safe grooming experience. Every pet is an individual, with unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. For those reasons, we charge an hourly rate for full service grooming. This ensures that all pets receive the time and attention that they need. 

We offer the following services for dogs. If you are interested in services for cats, rabbits, or other species please contact us. Prices may vary for other species.

Services : Outdoor Activities

Bath package

  • Bath with specialty shampoo

  • Blueberry facial wash

  • Blow dry

  • Brush out

  • Sanitary and/or paw trim if needed

  • Nail trim and file 

  • Ears cleaned and plucked if needed

  • Bow or bandana

  • Finishing cologne

Haircut package

  • All bath package services plus haircut and style

Maintenance Services

  • Nail trim and file - $25 

  • Quick Clip (face, feet, and sanitary) - $30

Spa Services

  • Puppy Pedicure - Warren of London Fizzy Paw Soak followed by a paw massage, pad exfoliation, and soothing paw pad balm - $25​

  • Combine Puppy Pedicure with nail trim and file - $40

  • Madra Mór Mud Bath Massage - Your choice of Fortifying, Mango, Mobility, Shed Safe, or Soothing mud bath treatment, including 15 minutes of full body massage - starting at $20

Contact me to discuss the best grooming options for your pet and price estimates.

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